Shout out to my coat… I love you girl

So you might be thinking ‘is this post really about her coat? :/’ and the answer is yes. But I’m sure everyone can relate, Ive had my coat for nearly 3 years ! And yes I will argue its still fulfills its style and comfort purposes!


£80.00 Zara 

I’d love to wear a new coat everyday that matches all of my different outfits but unless I win the lottery thats not going to happen any time soon.

For any who is looking to buy a winter coat I would suggest to go with neutral colors, black, brown, tan or navy. This is because you can mix and match these colors a lot and get a whole lot of wear out of it.

My coat has a faux fur trim and this lines the entire inside of the garment. And you know what that means … warm and cosy like a baby all day honey 😀

Even though this coat has been through a lot with me I am actually on the hunt for something new but I guess nothing seems to compare to this one. If you guys have any suggestions please let me know or if you wanna show me your favorite coat please make a post of your own , I’d love love love to see them !

So yes, thats it. I love you coat, you always have my back and I can count on you whatever the weather (except if its hot of course). 😉 ❤



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