REVIEW : NARS All Day Liminous Weightless Foundation

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kayyyyyyy ! So, it’s been about a million and 4 years since my last post? Yes I know I’m sorry but I thought I’d get back into it with a review ! 

A review of what you ask? (Even though you’ve read the title that clearly states the answer…) it’s the NARS All Day Liminous Weightless Foundation! 

What a mouthful right ? But ! Let me telll you , gurlllllllll I love love love love love it ❤

Here’s what NARS had to say –

“Full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop.”

Blah blah blah … 

So I’ve been testing it over the past week and have seen the miracle it can preform ! 

Literal holy grail product and lucky for you I took some before and after photos so you can check it out – from mess , to hell yesssss 😉 

But before that here are some of my details about the foundation –
My shade is Medium 1 Punjab , and although it is suggested to apply entirely with finger tips I  spotted it on with my finger and then used my beauty blender to blend it all out.   Ok! Now we’ve done the boring part lets see it in practice 😀 

 (Viewer discretion is advised – the following images contain a whole lot of pouting and a fair few pimples D:)              As you can see I have some discolouration , dryness, pimples and pimple scars on my face but nothing too crazy so I wanted something that would give me medium to full coverage , that was long lasting without feeling heavy and guys – this – is – EXACTLY – what – I – got. 

Take a look at my skin after applying one layer of this foundation :  Now I don’t know about you but I think this covered pretty bloody well ! (Bearing in mind my skin is currently breaking out due to you know … Female issues…) but yes ! Great right ? 

Now check it after my highlight/contour and blush :  I know, I know – I’m a slave to my highlight but it’s just so pretty 😥 but in regards to the foundation can I get a round of applause ?! Absolutely beautiful ! 

The consistency is super runny and goes a hell of a long way ! I only used half a pump for my whole face ! Wait that reminds me …. Something so important about this foundation … 


Yes NARS have finally brought out a foundation with a pump – hallelujah thank you Jesus – and not only this but this foundation works with all skin types, with a range of different shades (something like 14) so no matter what your shade is you will be looking beat and fleek home girllllllll !

The price of this was kinda steep at £32 – but I think it is worth it. So treat yourself and grab this up because I know this is one product that will keep me feeling at my sassiest this summer 😉 

I hope you enjoyed this and I will be back with another post soon,  

Here’s a final look at how it worked for me 🙂    And if you’ve given this foundation a go please let me know what you thought ! 

Until then ladies 

Simran ❤ 


I’m a cheater , let me teach you 

Soooooo as everybody knows I love winged eyeliner ! And I know it’s something that can be a little tricky to perfect sometimes /: but I’m going to teach you how to cheat your way through this and forever have even, perfect wings ! ❤ 

First things first , you’re going to need an eye … Great you’re on a roll

Next you’re going to need some sticky tape (a small reel works best) and an eye liner pencil , I’m using the Bourjois Queen Attitude Kajal chalk (I think it was like £7 from boots) but any will do really – and that’s it ! 

Now cut about 5 cm worth of sticky tape , or enough to stretch from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow… Like so 

When you got this just stick it onto your eye avoiding your lashes and leaving a little room just under the corner of your lower lash line – like this: 
Now it’s time to draw ! 

Start by applying gentle stokes to the outer corner of your eye as well as slightly on your lower lash line (in the gap you left between the tape) 

Extend this further and create the foundation of your wing – the length of the wing is up to you but as you can see a like them dramatic and long ! 

After this put some product on the outer part of your top lash line to incorporate the two …

Now you should have something a little like this :

You maybe thinking ‘what the hell Simran’ but just bear with me I promise haha !

Use a detailer brush to smudge/smoke out any harsh lines on your top lash line 

Once this is nice and neat you can remove the tape woo ! 

When your eye looks like this …

…You can just blend any harsh lines with your detailer brush again 

And if , like me , you already had your foundation on , just pop some concealer on places that the tape was and also neaten up anything you need. The concealer just makes the wing look more sharp and clean 😉 

To finish I added a little mascara , and then I was done ! 

Perfect for everyday and super easy right !? 

And if you wanted to use this same trick for a night time look just do the same steps but go over your pencil wing with a liquid liner to make it more intense ! Add a bit of eye shadow and some falsies and you can take this wing from day to night ! 

I absolutely love doing this , so quick and simple and looks fabulous ! 

I hope you all try this and cheat your way to perfect wings – all the fierceness with non of the work ! 

And that’s it from me , I hope you enjoyed ,

Simran ❤

New Years Resolutions : Top Ten

(There are so many things wrong with this post other than the fact it’s 1/3 of the way through January.)

Caution : I’m an idiot

1) Stop hating on the Kardashians then secretly copying them to the best of my ability.

2) Stop staring at girls bums in envy …and their boobs… And thighs… And faces … And lives.

3) Stick to my skincare routine for more than 1 day.

4) Stop saying ‘fuck capitalism’ then going to Starbucks.

5) Get more money.

6) Grow 4 inches.

7) Be fabulous.

8) Slay.

9) Marry Chris Brown

10) and steal all his money.

2015 priorities xo

Ok this was a joke … But not really …

Haha ! Happy New Year ❤

Nails inc. or nahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok I know the title isn’t very imaginative but it was either that or ‘Nails Stink’ …. Yes really … Nails Stink :/

Well you’ve probably gathered that this will not be a positive review … At all.

Nails inc. products are known for being a luxury nail polish brand and the prices of their products reflect this, ranging between £10-£13 for a single bottle.

I recently tried out the ‘Nails inc. – My Nail Polish Diary’ : IMG_8169.JPG

The box consisted of a total of twelve polishes, one for each month.

Just from looking at them I was initially impressed because the packaging is well … Gorgeous haha. Yet when I tested the colours however there was a different outcome.

The verity of colours was impressive and fun and I thought this would make for a perfect gift.


The application was lovely but the finished result chipped very quickly 😦.

In comparison to brands like Essie and Sally Hanson, Nails inc. was very disappointing.

Simple tasks during the day resulted in major chipping and I had to reapply 3 days after I had originally painted them.

For me personally I love to have immaculate nails , I think it’s so classy and really adds that finishing oomf to everyday style but Nails inc. are not a brand I see myself investing in… Ever again #NailsStink

Roses really smell like …

Let’s talk scents , ok Christmas is soon approaching and due to the fact I am extremely picky , my friends and family always end up getting me perfume as a gift.

Not to sound ungrateful honestly but do I really need this much ?

Surprisingly I’ve never bought a bottle myself but I do have a few to choose from when I feel like being a little more … Smelly ? Haha but yes smelly !

My favourite at the moment has to be
VIVA LA JUICY – Juicy couture

This scent is not fruity at all. And I love that! So many perfumes are over doing it on the fruit aspect which really isn’t appropriate for this time of year :/

This however is subtle and sophisticated but you still get that little burst of wow every so often when you accidentally sniff yourself ! 😉

The packaging is kind of gaudy and girly (again which I love) and it looks so cute on my vanity table ❤

This was a gift (surprise surprise) so I can't tell you how much it costs but if you're looking to buy someone a perfume I would suggest this one however my advice would be just to get them a gift card 😉

Ok so that's all !

Simran ❤

Shout out to my coat… I love you girl

So you might be thinking ‘is this post really about her coat? :/’ and the answer is yes. But I’m sure everyone can relate, Ive had my coat for nearly 3 years ! And yes I will argue its still fulfills its style and comfort purposes!


£80.00 Zara 

I’d love to wear a new coat everyday that matches all of my different outfits but unless I win the lottery thats not going to happen any time soon.

For any who is looking to buy a winter coat I would suggest to go with neutral colors, black, brown, tan or navy. This is because you can mix and match these colors a lot and get a whole lot of wear out of it.

My coat has a faux fur trim and this lines the entire inside of the garment. And you know what that means … warm and cosy like a baby all day honey 😀

Even though this coat has been through a lot with me I am actually on the hunt for something new but I guess nothing seems to compare to this one. If you guys have any suggestions please let me know or if you wanna show me your favorite coat please make a post of your own , I’d love love love to see them !

So yes, thats it. I love you coat, you always have my back and I can count on you whatever the weather (except if its hot of course). 😉 ❤