Brow down bitches.


I am absolutely, completely obsessed with them. This is a fact.

And I promise I’ll talk in full sentences now but honestly I was not exaggerating, at all.

Mine in particular were far from perfect 6 months ago … Understatement of the century :/ But yes I was not going to let this brow-tastrophe continue.

Let’s see my progress from pencil lines , to thick and fleek – da fuq. Leggo:

(Ps I hate seeing weird eye photos so I tried to make mine less weird but it just resulted in them looking more creepy than ever … So excuse that haha !)

How gross right ? I know guys.

So I didn’t grow them completely for six months but I just kept an eye out to make sure I never took too much off.

Recently I decided to wait three weeks between my last visit to the brow bar. And for me (hairy mary) my eyebrows grew so much !

Luckily for you I documented this – viewer discretion is advised:

The middle photo is with a brown tint which just darkens the eyebrows as if I had pencil over them , adds extra drama 😉 just makes them look more ‘exotic’ you know … Haha

This cost me £6 , including tint.

Which I think is a bargain , unfortunately the shop is an independent one but if you’re in Bristol pop in to ‘Yasmin’s’ for amazing brows.

If you want to grow your eyebrows here are some tips so you can speed up the process :

1) Eat plenty of nuts and yogurt. (This also helps for stronger hair and nails too :p)

2) Biotin Pills. (Affordable and readily available at supermarkets)

3) Rapid Growth Eyebrow Serum (Available at Boots , kinda pricey but works amazing)

4) Alpacin caffeine shampoo. (Just use a tiny bit on your brows , apply with a cotton bud)

5) Get oily ! (Caster , coconut , argon and even olive will increase hair growth)

If these tips don’t leave you with crazy hairy eyebrows I don’t know what will. I have tried and tested all of these and they work brilliantly , you will see results within a week !

Ok that’s all from me , phew that was a long one , but trust me girls the brows are worth it !

Here’s a final before and after and good luck to all of you !

Simran ❤


Uh huh honey …

So I have recently fallen in love with a face mask … yes a face mask!

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask:



The mask is kind of ‘bitty’ haha but yes, so while applying it I like to rub it on my skin a little to work its exfoliating properties 😉

The core ingredients in the treatment are Ginger, Lime Juice, Fennel and Honey honey !

The mask is thick and for a really fresh feel should be refrigerated before use , then slap it on and relax … or take a selfie!


I apply the mask once a week and leave it on for 30 minutes then washed it off with warm water.

The only complaint i do have is that once it dries it doe begin to crumble off , this is probably due to all of its natural properties :/ but oh well we can’t have it all !

So, yes ! this is the mask that I am completely obsessed with and trust me taking the time out to do this before a night out will ensure your make up glides on perfectly ❤

Speak soon beauties!


Wing it girl

I am a lover of a good old winged cat eye liner look and honestly I am so proud to say that I feel I have mastered my own dramatic eyeliner ! This eyeliner really is amazing and will glide onto the skin effortlessly, while the tip is thin for precision there is no need to apply a second coat as the formula is literally pitch black and will dry to a glossy leathery finish, absolutely beautiful. However due to the way the product dries it does become quite difficult to remove afterwards, but this problem is easily resolved with the use of a good oil based eye makeup remover.

Anyway ! I hope everyone gives this liner a go !

See you in my next post beauties ❤

Products I used :

MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner In Point Black – £15.50                   And this is my look !