Nails inc. or nahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok I know the title isn’t very imaginative but it was either that or ‘Nails Stink’ …. Yes really … Nails Stink :/

Well you’ve probably gathered that this will not be a positive review … At all.

Nails inc. products are known for being a luxury nail polish brand and the prices of their products reflect this, ranging between £10-£13 for a single bottle.

I recently tried out the ‘Nails inc. – My Nail Polish Diary’ : IMG_8169.JPG

The box consisted of a total of twelve polishes, one for each month.

Just from looking at them I was initially impressed because the packaging is well … Gorgeous haha. Yet when I tested the colours however there was a different outcome.

The verity of colours was impressive and fun and I thought this would make for a perfect gift.


The application was lovely but the finished result chipped very quickly 😦.

In comparison to brands like Essie and Sally Hanson, Nails inc. was very disappointing.

Simple tasks during the day resulted in major chipping and I had to reapply 3 days after I had originally painted them.

For me personally I love to have immaculate nails , I think it’s so classy and really adds that finishing oomf to everyday style but Nails inc. are not a brand I see myself investing in… Ever again #NailsStink