Roses really smell like …

Let’s talk scents , ok Christmas is soon approaching and due to the fact I am extremely picky , my friends and family always end up getting me perfume as a gift.

Not to sound ungrateful honestly but do I really need this much ?

Surprisingly I’ve never bought a bottle myself but I do have a few to choose from when I feel like being a little more … Smelly ? Haha but yes smelly !

My favourite at the moment has to be
VIVA LA JUICY – Juicy couture

This scent is not fruity at all. And I love that! So many perfumes are over doing it on the fruit aspect which really isn’t appropriate for this time of year :/

This however is subtle and sophisticated but you still get that little burst of wow every so often when you accidentally sniff yourself ! 😉

The packaging is kind of gaudy and girly (again which I love) and it looks so cute on my vanity table ❤

This was a gift (surprise surprise) so I can't tell you how much it costs but if you're looking to buy someone a perfume I would suggest this one however my advice would be just to get them a gift card 😉

Ok so that's all !

Simran ❤