I’m a cheater , let me teach you 

Soooooo as everybody knows I love winged eyeliner ! And I know it’s something that can be a little tricky to perfect sometimes /: but I’m going to teach you how to cheat your way through this and forever have even, perfect wings ! ❤ 

First things first , you’re going to need an eye … Great you’re on a roll

Next you’re going to need some sticky tape (a small reel works best) and an eye liner pencil , I’m using the Bourjois Queen Attitude Kajal chalk (I think it was like £7 from boots) but any will do really – and that’s it ! 

Now cut about 5 cm worth of sticky tape , or enough to stretch from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow… Like so 

When you got this just stick it onto your eye avoiding your lashes and leaving a little room just under the corner of your lower lash line – like this: 
Now it’s time to draw ! 

Start by applying gentle stokes to the outer corner of your eye as well as slightly on your lower lash line (in the gap you left between the tape) 

Extend this further and create the foundation of your wing – the length of the wing is up to you but as you can see a like them dramatic and long ! 

After this put some product on the outer part of your top lash line to incorporate the two …

Now you should have something a little like this :

You maybe thinking ‘what the hell Simran’ but just bear with me I promise haha !

Use a detailer brush to smudge/smoke out any harsh lines on your top lash line 

Once this is nice and neat you can remove the tape woo ! 

When your eye looks like this …

…You can just blend any harsh lines with your detailer brush again 

And if , like me , you already had your foundation on , just pop some concealer on places that the tape was and also neaten up anything you need. The concealer just makes the wing look more sharp and clean 😉 

To finish I added a little mascara , and then I was done ! 

Perfect for everyday and super easy right !? 

And if you wanted to use this same trick for a night time look just do the same steps but go over your pencil wing with a liquid liner to make it more intense ! Add a bit of eye shadow and some falsies and you can take this wing from day to night ! 

I absolutely love doing this , so quick and simple and looks fabulous ! 

I hope you all try this and cheat your way to perfect wings – all the fierceness with non of the work ! 

And that’s it from me , I hope you enjoyed ,

Simran ❤


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